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Superannuation is a trillion dollar industry today and heavily regulated by various government agencies. It can be described as a taxed incentive long-term savings for retirement. Superannuation is basically the money set aside during your working life to fund your retirement so you don’t have to fully rely on the old age pension.  

Whilst, it is not compulsory for any individual to put the money into superannuation, employers are required to contribute a certain amount of money (superannuation guarantee) to a superannuation fund on behalf of their employees as part of the employment remuneration package.  

For most people, superannuation commences when they start work and their employers start paying superannuation guarantee (SG) to a superannuation fund on their behalf.  Superannuation funds are responsible for managing and investing superannuation on behalf of their members and they must do this in the best interest of their members.

Due to various tax incentives (super is concessionally taxed) available in superannuation, there are strict rules and regulations (superannuation legislation) superannuation trustees must comply with on managing a superannuation fund. The rules governing superannuation are found in SIS Act, Corporations Act, ITAA and AML/CTF Act. These are supervised by various government agencies – APRA, ASIC, ATO and AUSTRAC.

Due to ageing population where more people are retiring than entering the workforce, the government does not have enough money to fund the old age pension. Hence, superannuation is an important investment vehicle.

As the government continues to make changes to improve the superannuation system in order to develop a better solution to help us save for our retirement, it gets even more complex.

Superannuationblog.com.au was established in August 2012 as a means of sharing superannuation knowledge with readers. It contains articles on various aspects of superannuation. Given the complexity of superannuation, Superannuation Blog aims to simplify it by providing free education and information on matters associated with the management of your superannuation for your retirement. With all the changes and new initiatives put in place by the government, we will be providing updates on its impact as it occurs.   

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